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Sense Glass Colour Series


The perfect glass, now with a splash of colour

The Sense glass is now available in two stunning colours: Pink and Black. Both are very light and understated, as to not overshadow the coffee, but to still bring a nice mood with a bit of subtle colour.  Luxurious and thin, now with a bit of extra personality. 

Made for coffee

We don't think that we have to avoid single wall glasses for specialty coffee. The neck provides a comfortable and cool place to grab the glass, even when the body has warm coffee in it. This contact point allows us to enjoy a single wall glass for the most beautiful of coffees. Touch and sight are essential parts of the sensory experience and this glass helps us connect with both. This is also a fantastic glass for ice beverages (flash brew, cold brew, etc).

Like a fine wine glass but for coffee

The Sense Glass is like a fine wine glass - but designed for coffee. Drinking a fine wine from a mug really isn't the same as from a perfectly crafted crystal glass - so why should coffee be any different? Coffee has more volatile compounds (that make up its aroma, flavour and body) than wine and we think a lightly roasted special coffee deserves more than the trusty old mug. Try one and you'll never go back!

Designed for sipping

For the best experience using the Sense Glass with coffee, we recommend filling small amounts at one time. This leaves ample room to swirl and capture aromas, while also dropping the coffee to a better drinking temperature quickly. By filling it to full capacity, you will not maximise the experience of using this product. 

Great for coffee & more

You can use these beautiful glasses for water, juice, beer, or even some white wine. The shape enhances aromatics and spreads liquid evenly across the pallet, helping you notice even more flavour nuances in the same beverage. This doesn't have to apply to coffee only.

One size (for Pink and Black glasses)

The Sense Glass Colour Series comes in the 275ml Large size for now. We are considering to bring the small size to this collection too, but for now - we only sell the larger size. For a smaller tasting glass, please check out the small 175ml transparent Sense Glass! 

Premium materials

The Sense Glass Colour Series is handmade in Taiwan from lab-grade Borosilicate glass. This glass is strong, light and can withstand quick temperature changes. 

OREA x Lautaro Lucero

To bring the Sense Cup to life, we partnered with a young up-and-coming Argentinian designer - Lautaro Lucero. He is an Industrial Engineer by trade and has been designing products for coffee for years. We worked together to test many different shapes and sizes to land on this as the perfect shape to pair with the Orea brewer. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed the process of making it.

Shipping notices

Your order will ship when all products in the order are ready to ship. If you want two different products that have different shipping dates (such as pre-order items), please make separate orders if you wish for one of them to come sooner. Please note the shipping estimate on every product page. 

This item dispatches from the EU and ships only to EU-member states. For global orders, please visit our Global Shop

Sense Glass Colour Series
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