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Negotiator tool for V4 (SHIPS JAN '24)

What's a Negotiator?

The Negotiator is essentially a model of the inside geometry of our brewers. You can use these tools to fit different types of filters inside the brewer, perfectly respecting the inner geometry. It helps you experience a different way to brew with the OREA Brewers using a lower bypass filter fit to reach higher extractions and explore a different brew method within the same brewing system. This device works together with flat circular papers, like the OREA flat paper Type "G" & Type "C", or Sibarist FAST flat filter (OREA special edition).


A modular Negotiator for a modular Brewer - made for the OREA Brewer V4

This negotiator is designed to work with the OREA V4 Brewers. It uses a modular design to help you take advantage of the different brewers in the V4 system, but minimising the amount of material we use and the amount of money you have to spend. The V4 Negotiator consists of two main parts:


The FLAT body (works with all 3 flat bottoms in the V4) 

The APEX tips (works with the conical bottom in the V4) - each Negotiator comes with two


The Flat body and the Apex tips connect using strong magnets to give you a super snappy and quick fit. It's a very satisfying fit. 


Why two APEX tips? 

When we started testing the V4 conical brewer, we realised that there is a lot of room to innovate in the conical space. Manipulating the arc of the apex can drastically change the profile in the cup. We ship the negotiators with a blunt apex and a sharper one - to let you experience different styles of conical brewing. Generally, as you make the shape more "pointy", you get sharper acidity and less sweetness. The different APEX tips let you experience a world between traditional conical and flat bottoms - it's really a new space to play within. We hope you will love it as much as we do!



APEX brewing 

A new style of brewing pour-over, exploring the space between conical and flat bottoms. Within the V4 system, this naturally means with minimised bypass and still fast extraction speeds. It's a world where we are the first to play in and we can't wait to see what you'll do with it. 


Will you release more APEX tips?

We are constantly testing new shapes to help manipulate the way coffee and water interact while brewing. We decided to make the tips small and attachable as part of a system so that it is affordable to adopt a new APEX tip if we make one. 


Why do people love the Negotiator?

By "negotiating" the paper to fit perfectly in the brewer we ensure that more water is able to travel directly downwards through the coffee bed and not around it. This leads to more consistency and better extractions. It's not just a matter of higher extractions, rather higher quality extractions. By using this method, you also open up the bed more, using more space and opening up more space in the brewer compared to the wave filters. All of this contributes to a unique profile that people love. 


Brew with minimised bypass

This is not a "zero bypass" solution, rather a way to minimise bypass and ensure more consistency. We prefer this approach as you can still brew quickly but reach higher extractions without much effort and time. 


Compatible papers

For the V4, we recommend to stick to the flat papers we sell, the OREA flat paper Type "G" & Type "C", or Sibarist FAST flat filter (OREA special edition).



The "Negotiator" is an open-source project kindly supported by Lautaro Lucero. A simplified version (without magnets) of these V4 negotiators will soon be available openly for printing at home. The idea behind this project is very much to give the community something to experiment with and explore new ways of brewing with the OREA brewing system.


Do you have to use the Negotiator in the OREA Brewers?

No - definitely not. We have developed our own wave-shaped paper as well because some folks just prefer a more hassle-free plug-and-play option. In the V4, you can also use conical papers - with a folding technique. We refer to the negotiator as a power-up, rather than a necessity. It's there if you want to explore and push this brewer further - but there's no shame in keeping it simple either. 


From YouTube

Some videos we love about the "Negotiator tool" - note that this is for the OREA V3 brewer, as we have not yet released the OREA V4 so there is no content around it yet. 


A great video by Sprometheus 

A great video describing some of the ideas behind this project, used in combination with the OREA Brewer. A lot of the tips translate well 


A review by Lance Hedrick

We love Lance's energy and this great video describing some of the ideas behind this project and the V3 Brewer. ‍A lot of the ideas Lance describes in these videos apply to this bigger-sized brewer too. 

A review by ARAMSE

One of our favourite YouTube channels is from ARAMSE. Check out this video for some top negotiator tips and quality humour. The tips shared by ARAMSE in this video will work well for the Big Boy Brewer too, using the Big Boy Negotiator.



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Negotiator tool for V4 (SHIPS JAN '24)
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