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Big Boy 2-5 Cup Brewer

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The new kid on the block

The Big Boy is a brand new brewer from OREA that brings a lot of what people love in our smaller brewers to much bigger volumes of coffee. 

For two or more

The Big Boy is made for big brews, with an optimal dose range of 40g-60g of coffee for 600ml to 1 litre. You can go as low as 32g or as high as 80g with the right recipe, but we recommend to keep pours big (200ml+ per pour) for optimal performance. So if you brew lower quantities, grind finer and use bigger pours. The brewers come with guides in the box for recipes for two, three, or more people. 

Uncloggable design 

The Big Boy has a unique bottom design that uses a series of tall teeth/ridges to hold the paper up perfectly straight and always allow for airflow under the bed. The brewer itself will not clog (stop dripping due to suction/etc) - but if you grind too fine or if your grinder is not very good in general, the paper filter itself may clog. Some coffees will naturally drain slower than others as they provide different resistance to water, based on processing method, roast style, etc. However - the device itself will not get in the way, providing a huge 8cm opening at the bottom through the use of the ridges. In addition, there is a big exit hole in the middle that will always keep the coffee flowing. 

Big, brutal, but beautiful 

This is definitely our most brutal design. It's big, toothy, aggressive - a bit of a departure from our normal design language. But we love it - because the form really follows the function here. This brutal toothy design is also super-optimised and contributes to the great performance under big volumes. It also leads to its consistency. What you will notice is that while the brewer is big and brutal, it drips gentle drops - it is really beautiful to see. We hope you will love it! 


Brew for 2 or more in 3-4 minutes

With the right recipes and for most coffees, you can brew 600ml to 1 litre in about 3-4 minutes. You can push this if you use the Negotiator system along with a fast paper like the Sibarist FAST. You can also push it by manipulating grind size and pouring volume - it really depends what you are looking for. This brewer is - like all of our brewers - very flexible. But like all of them, you can also keep it simple, use our wave filters and the simple recipes we include in the box. 

What the batch? 

In specialty coffee, some people are a bit too snobby. There's too much nonsense around the idea that brewing bigger size brews can't taste great.  Part of this is because the devices we have now aren't so good at it - creating a myth that only brewing 12g can yield tasty coffee in the cup. We approached this project with a totally open mind - designing a big brewer for big brews rather than trying to adapt an existing one for more volume. 

Batch sizes without the batchy taste

Brew bigger batches with increased clarity and sweetness. Batch is known for tasting batchy - it's kind of its own thing. What we wanted was to scale up the taste profile of the V3 and we think we managed to get as close as one can get. We want the option to brew for more people, quicker - but we don't want the stewed batchy taste. Because we recreate a lot of the dynamics from our smaller brewers in the bigger, wide bed, you can expect similar results in the cup. Obviously when you brew bigger quantities you can't be as precise in your pouring, agitation, etc - so it's never going to be perfectly equivalent. This is the closest you'll get to that perfect one cup brew but in higher volumes. 

Compatible with our flat papers and the Negotiator 

For those that enjoy more paper options, the Big Boy is compatible with all of our Large/185 flat papers when using the Big Boy Negotiator tool. This is a simple way to insert a FAST Sibarist paper, the new Type C - Clarity paper, or our classic Type G flat paper. Experiment with faster brew times, finer grinds and different cup profiles while creating more space in the brewer with a super-precise tight fit of the paper to the brewer walls. Due to the design of the brewer, you will always have fast flowing brews even when using this method. 

Who is the Big Boy Brewer for?

If you brew for yourself and your partner, or flatmates, family or colleagues - this is a great option for you. If you run a cafe and want to offer better-quality batch brew or to brew multiple filter brews at once with great results - this is a great option for you. If you're brewing at events - this is a great option for you. If you just like to brew one time per day and take the coffee with you in a flask - this is a great option for you. This brewer is for anyone that wants to make a tasty bigger batch, with low effort and consistency. 


Ideal Brewing Range 40g - 60g (600ml to 1L) [21oz to 35oz]
Brewing quantity For 2-5 people
Compatible Negotiator Big Boy Negotiator 
Compatible Paper Filters Big Boy Wave Paper

With Negotiator tool 
Sibarist x OREA FAST Flat filter
OREA Type "G" Flat paper (185 - Large)
OREA Type "C" Flat paper (185 - Large)
Bottom size 8cm [3.14 inch]
Weight 50g 
Material FDA & EU Approved 
Polypropylene (BPA-Free)
Manufacturing information Made in Taiwan 

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Big Boy 2-5 Cup Brewer
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