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Zero Waste - V3 SECONDS (SHIPS OCT '23)


What are SECONDS? 

If you have followed our journey so far, you would know that we don't like to create waste. In fact, a whole line of brewers (Snow/Ice/Frost) were salvaged production failures, post-processed into a new, sellable finish. But with all of our efforts, we still have some units that did not come out perfect. They can have tiny marks or scratches from handling, or minor scratches caused in the post-processing, shipping, or so on. The marks are minor and likely your devices would get these marks after some use anyway. We have re-QC'd all of our "rejects" and found a good amount that we think are still fantastic and can be classed as "seconds". 


50% off

These units are 50% off from the normal retail price of £34.99 (US$44) of the V3 units. 

Sold with a random base in the box

Unfortunately, you won't be able to pick the matching base, and will find a base (SECONDS) in the box with the brewer. Most of them would be one of Supernova, Punk, or Black Candy. 


Who are these for?

If you run a busy cafe and need some units for the bar and don't mind a tiny scratch on the brewers, these might be great for you. If you are practicing for a Brewers Cup, these might be great for you. If you just want to try an OREA brewer but haven't had the budget, these might be great for you. 

The last V3 ICE/FROST pieces ever

As all of the V3 "MK1" collections are finished now, these SECONDS would be the last available units of either of these models. Once we retire a line of products, we really mean it and there are always good reasons behind our decision to do so. Grab a piece of OREA history at a bargain price. 


While stocks last

These units are only available while stocks last - we will not have any more of these types of units following this 'release'.


We will not accept returns or offer refunds for these units, they are sold as-is and are like new, with minor marks. 



ICE & FROST: BPA-Free Trogamid Plastic 
Base: BPA-free Polypropylene Plastic





Zero Waste - V3 SECONDS (SHIPS OCT '23)
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